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Caring For Our Watersheds

Caring For Our Watersheds is an international contest program designed to create sustainable watershed education through healthy competitions between youth, teachers and schools in Canada, U.S.A, Argentina, and Australia. Youth and teachers can apply to the program with their idea on how to protect and conserve their local watershed by taking action to implement change. Winning contestants are awarded financial sums and have the opportunity to recieve seed funding to turn their ideas into solutions for their school and communities.

The Caring For Our Watersheds program was started in Alberta in 2007 within the Battle River Watershed area and now spans through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, California, Colorado, Virginia, DC, Ohio, Argentina and Australia!

 This video describes what the contest is about and provides some great examples of how youth have taken action in their communities! The Caring For Our Watershed website (  also has some cool videos on “What is a Watershed?” and “Why Should We Care?”

 For more information on this amazing program and how you and/or your school can become involved, check out the website at

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