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Lake Winnipeg Water Walk 2014

Grandmother Josephine Mandamin journeyed around all the Great Lakes, along the St. Lawrence River and performed a Four Directional Mother Earth Water Walk where water was brought from all four directions, the Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic and U.S.A shores and combined in a ceremony in the Great Lakes. She has truly shown her commitment to water and spreading the message to take care of and respect this life giving spirit, because it is our lifeblood.

In 2013, Lake Winnipeg earned the title of the World’s Most Threatened Lake by the Global Nature Fund.  It is estimated that if nothing is done to save the lake, the lake can become a ‘dead lake’ within 10 years. It will be incapable of supporting aquatic life due to toxic algae blooms that infest the lake due to increased amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen (nutrients) in the lake.

Inspired by Josephine’s actions and fueled with the desire to take action herself,  Katherine Morrisseau-Sinclair and her supporters are organizing the Lake Winnipeg Water Walk.

The Lake Winnipeg Water Walk is set to begin on July 12th in Norway House First Nation, Manitoba and it will take the walkers approximately 28 days to reach the end of their journey .


Below is a video created by Katherine  Morriseau-Sinclair


Please check out the Lake Winnipeg Water Walk Website for more information on how you can become involved!

All are welcome to join the Lake Winnipeg Water Walk group on Facebook for updates!


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