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Pentlatch Seafoods Ltd.

Pentlatch Seafood Ltd is an indigenous owned and operated business which grows premium quality Pacific oysters and Manila clams in the Comox Valley, within the traditional territory of the K’ómoks First Nation. Pentlatch employs twenty staff, produces over two million oysters a year. Its cliental includes buyers in Taiwan, China, the United States and Canada.

The company name, website address, and face of its product are derived from the Pentlatch people and their legends – specifically, the mask of Komo Gway, ruler of the undersea. According to Pentlatch legends, Komo Gway is Master of the marine species and directs the rise and ebb of the tides. According to legend, In order to create a sustainable food source for the coastal people, Komo Gway chopped an octopus into many pieces and scattered them across the ocean, which is why Komo Gway is often depicted as an octopus form.

Pentlatch Seafood Ltd is committed to environmental stewardship and devotes time, energy and resources, to grow Manila clams and Pacific oysters on K’ómoks First Nation beaches and plant millions of oyster and clam seeds on an annual basis to ensure sustainability.

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Photo Credit: Used with Permission by Pentlatch Seafood Ltd

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