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Clam Fritters

fried pickerel

Fried Pickerel


Fried Sunchokes

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Indigenous Foods


From the Fish


From the Bird


From the Big Four Legged

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Let our indigenous foods thrive!

Food is secure when all people at all times have access to food to maintain a healthy and active life. Having a secure source of food means that there is enough food available and that is it safe and nutritious.

Like Indigenous food – food that we have hunted, fished and gathered for generations. Plants and animals are more than food – they are our relations! When we eat indigenous foods we also give thanks to the Creator, the animals and the plants for what they have given to us.

For sure, you can buy nutritious food from a grocery store. Most of the time, grocery store food is not indigenous food. It doesn’t hold cultural and social importance to First Nations. And it’s not part of a thriving culture. When we eat indigenous foods, we feed our minds, bodies and spirits!

Live iff culture! Join the movement and share what you know.

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