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Saskatoon Pie

Author: Darlene Spence
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Location: Ebb & Flow First Nation
Time: 50 mins


    Pie Crust

    • 2 Cups flour
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1 cup shortening
    • 1/2 cup water

    Saskatoon Filling

    • 1 1 litre ice cream pail full of Saskatoons
    • 1 cup water
    • 1 cup sugar


    My Story


    Darlene Spence, Ebb and Flow First Nation, Mantioba

    A few years ago, I went out berry picking with my family around Dauphin and Turtle Mountain Area. We were walking along a dirt road, picking berries and I wandered too far. Then my relative calls to me to ask where I was. I yelled that I was on the other side of the bush and he said to watch for bears. I was so scared, I ran back to the truck and I stayed there for the rest of the day!


    Combine flour and salt. Then cut in shortening until mixture is crumbly. Add water a little bit at a time, mix, and kneed the dough. If required, use less water. Divide the dough in half, roll into balls, cover in plastic wrap and let stand in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight.

    Roll out dough with a rolling pin and make sure to not overwork it. To make the center piece for the top of the pie: Flip the dough in half, and then half again. Use a scissors and cut in the design into the corners and along the folds of the dough, much like if you were making a snowflake with paper. This will be used as the top of the pie. Roll out the other dough ball and this will be placed in the pie plate.

    Saskatoon Filling

    Boil berries, water, and sugar for one hour, stirring occasionally. Let simmer for half hour on low heat with a cover.  Let sit and cool off. Pour cooled berry mixture into uncooked pie crust. Shape the edges of the pie crust and put the top on with the cut designs. Cook for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees until edges and top are brown. You may also use a milk wash and use a brush to brush the top of the pie to help it brown.


    Saskatoon Pie, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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