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Traditonal Bentwood Box Cooking

Author: Jared Williams
Recipe Type:
Time: 4 hours
30 Servings


  • 10lbs Potatoes or Localy Harvest Root Vegetables
  • 4lbs Smoked Salmon
  • 18 Litres water


Step 1 – Acquire a 50L-70L Red Cedar Bentwood Box, a pair of traditional fire tongs, and a cedar brush.

Step 2 – Gather Volcanic Basalt Rocks, smoked salmon, root vegetables, and water.

Step 3 – Build a circular fire pit about three inches deep and a yard wide.

Step 4 – Layer the fire pit with kindling and place about 30 fist sized Volcanic Basalt rocks on top of the kindling. Then build a fire as per usual on top of the rocks.

Step 5 – Once the fire is burning ensure that the fire covers all the stones to ensure they heat evenly. Heat rocks until red. (Approx. 90-120 min)

Step 6 – Place quartered potatoes and smoked salmon into Bentwood box with 15-20 Liters of fresh water.

Step 7 – Using traditional ironwood tongs remove red hot stones, one by one, from the fire and brush with a boom made of cedar branches. This is done to get the ash and grit off the rock. Then place the red hot clean rock into the bentwood box.

Step 8 – Repeat Step 7 until there are 3-4 rocks in the box, then put the lid on the box.

Step 9 – Every few minutes take the lid off the box and pull up the oldest stone in the box. Listen to hear if the rock is hissing if it is not hissing then it is cold, so place it back in the fire and repeat step 7. If the stone is still hissing then it is still hot and place it back in the box.

Step 10 – Repeat Step 9 until potatoes are cook through. (Approx. 120 mins) Ensure that no more than 5 stones are in the box at a time and the lid is kept on as often as possible, Check potatoes periodically to see if they are done

Traditonal Bentwood Box Cooking, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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3 thoughts on “Traditonal Bentwood Box Cooking

  1. Thought I should add a few more Pictures :-)

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  2. Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing – hope to try it myself one day!

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  3. any suggestions where we can buy some bentwood cooking boxes – we feature indigenous Canadian cuisine at our restaurant and would love to add this to our features!

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