Water Workshop

Learn How to Host Your Own Water Workshop

Want to show water some love?  Learn how to host your own water workshop. Help your students prepare for their water actions using these worksheets that our Water I <3 U leaders used for their action planning. Getting Started Worksheets will help you start thinking through the water issues and traditions in your own community. The worksheet Thinking Through My Action will help you break down your water action idea into manageable steps so you can get started.  Next, use these More Details Worksheets to dig into more details on partnerships, plan your communication, and break down your expenses. Use the Final Prep Worksheets  as you complete your water action prep!
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Learn How to Protect Indigenous Foods

Be IFF!  Learn how to protect indigenous foods so you and your community can enjoy them forever.   Start here.  
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Vancouver, Canada map

Learn How to Read a Map

If you can read a map you can see in your mind what a place looks like, know what landmarks and features you will pass along your way and get to new places easily and safely. Check it!  
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Wild Blueberries

Learn How to Track Your Healthy Diet

Want to eat healthier but don't know where to start.  IFF can show you how.  It's easier than you think.  
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Learn How to Create A Digital Story

If you have ever thought you might want to tell your story on video but weren't sure where to start?  Or maybe you already make your own videos but a few pointers couldn't hurt.  Check this How To!  It's made for you.  
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