Partridge Hunting

Partridge hunting in Fort Hope is something I do in the fall and winter. You can go to Pioneer or Thomas Bridge for the partridge or even in the bush behind your house. It’s easier to go in the winter you can see their tracks in the snow you can go early in the morning or even in the evening you don’t half to go Thomas Bridge or Pioneer Bridge you can go across the air strip if you’re in a community. Killing a partridge could be kind of hard. When you see a partridge it kind of walks like a crow a little bit like a crow. A weapon you can use to kill a partridge is a sling shot or a pelitgun. Theres a way that’s you can kill a partridge is just shoot it in the head it’s that simple. Once you go get you kill crack its neck when you get so it will be dead cause when you shoot it in the head you just knock it out that’s why I crack its neck when I get. You pluck its feathers and you got you self some dinner or some lunch if you kill it in the morning or you can save them to for the next day to eat them. I have lots of reasons to kill partridges. I kill them for my grandparents they love partridge but mostly Annie loves eating partridge and she’s really good at doing it and cooking it. When you kill a partridge you can keep their feathers for yourself. They look like a crow but are different colors like red, brown, black and white those are the colors of a partridge don’t chase a rough gross to far it can get you lost the way. It can get you lost once your far from the other hunter it will fly around you and get you confused and lost. Oh yeah when you miss the partridge to many times, it will laugh at you it kind of laughs like a crow, but a bit different - its faster. A rough gross runs and it’s colors are red, brown, black and white. There’s everything you know about partridge hunting. By: Daniel Sugarhead  
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