Learn How to Protect Indigenous Foods

Be IFF!  Learn how to protect indigenous foods so you and your community can enjoy them forever.   Start here.  
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Wild Blueberries

Learn How to Track Your Healthy Diet

Want to eat healthier but don't know where to start.  IFF can show you how.  It's easier than you think.  
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Wild Raspberries

Reclaiming the Spirit Through Traditional Diet

Bossy Ducharme reclaimed his spirit through traditional diet.  On September 21, 2010 Bossy started a one-year traditional diet, eating foods that are indigenous to North America, pre European contact. He shared his experience and information on the food he ate online. On his website, Bossy talks about struggles with depression, addiction and suicide. He was deemed obese by a physician and faced the threat of heart attack and diabetes. Bossy had a vision and in the vision, he saw his death and his spirit travelled. When he awoke, he was very emotional and praying for his health. He prayed to Creator and asked himself, “I wonder what would happen to my life if I quit my drug and alcohol addictions and took out all things Pre-European contact? On September 1, 2010 he started filming and recording his journey back to health.  His documentary, “Not a Good Day to Die”, tells the story of one man’s journey to reclaiming spirit through the diet of his native ancestors pre European contact while living in a metropolis. Today, Bossy is happy, healthy, and helping many people, with a special focus on youth. He gives lectures and speaks to schools and communities across Canada, sharing his own personal journey as it relates to his quality of life. He talks about the challenges involved in eating a traditional food diet while living in an urban city, shares details about his diet, and the importance of food security for indigenous people. Most importantly, he spreads the message that you can reclaim your spirit through traditional diet. “Despite the circumstances you were born into, this is your life and the possibilities are endless” Bossy Ducharme  
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