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Hey Teachers! Looking for some good online resources to talk about Indigenous food, health, culture and the environment with your class? The links below give you some places to get started. Share how you have used these sites and ideas here and put up new places for your fellow teachers to check out and use!

Want to show a digital story to your class as part of your curriculum?  Use the English or French transcripts to catch every word and Get Taking discussion suggestions provided as PDF downloads with select stories.

Water Workshop

Learn How to Host Your Own Water Workshop

Want to show water some love?  Learn how to host your own water workshop. Help your students prepare for their water actions using these worksheets that our Water I <3 U leaders used for their action planning. Getting Started Worksheets will help you start thinking through the water issues and traditions in your own community. The worksheet Thinking Through My Action will help you break down your water action idea into manageable steps so you can get started.  Next, use these More Details Worksheets to dig into more details on partnerships, plan your communication, and break down your expenses. Use the Final Prep Worksheets  as you complete your water action prep!
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Turtle Island Native Network- Culture

Check out this awesome webpage that has many cool video YouTube links to community food security initiatives such as the First Nations Food, Nutrition, and Environment Sutdy (FNFNES), Mapping Traditional Foods in Kingcome, Learning how to Bake Bannock and more!  
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Damon Rampanen – Teachings from my Papa

Damon discusses the life of his papa, who was born in Finland who is a very instrumental person in Damon's life. Damon's Papa formed a strong connection to the land, even though he is not indigenous to the land. He traps, fishes, hunts and knows how to use traditional medicines and teaches his grandchildren the ways of the land and culture.
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James Dakota Smith-The Ways of our Elders

James speaks of the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and its importance for bringing a sense of community to urban indigenous youth. The center involves the youth in a community garden as well as connects with the youth through traditional foods. James believes that traditional food is medicine and his people require it for their well-being. He discusses the negative health effects as a result of consumption of non-traditional foods and how his people need to return to the ways of his elders.
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Keenan Jules – Colonization, Diet, Health

Listen to a Nuu-chah-nulth youth tell a story about colonization and its impacts on diet, health and traditional way of life for aboriginal people.
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Letitia Rampanen,Youth/Elder Digital Harvest Workshop

Over the course of a few days throughout a youth and elder digital harvesting workshop, attendees were provided an array of traditional and non-traditional foods. The youth noticed the difference in energy levels when traditional foods were consumed, as opposed to non-traditional foods. Youth were more energetic when traditional foods were consumed.
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Tseegwatin Rampanen (Deekers in Seitcher Bay)

See through the eyes of a three year old boy out fishing for crabs and oysters with his Papa and his Daddy. He tells the story of how the fishing trip went and how he returned home to share the food with his siblings.
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Waylon Andrews – Taking the Sting out of Nettle

Waylon tells a story of harvesting the plant, "Stinging Nettle" with his family. He speaks about the uses of nettle as a rope, tea, edible source, and remedy for arthritis. He discusses the history, threats to, and uses of the plant and emphasizes its importance to his people.
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Leonita Jimmy – Good Feelings

Leonita speaks about the importance of traditional foods, identifies core traditional foods from her people, and how food in general as a way to connect with people. She was taught that you should always cook with good feelings because it reflects in your cooking.
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Chris Smith & Brittany Gillette – Away from Home

Two youth, Christoper Smith and Brittany Gillette (Kyuquot First Nation) interview elder Betty Nicholye on the historic availability of traditional foods, the causes of traditional food shortage over time, and how these causes make the traditional food inaccessible and the impacts on culture are discussed.
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