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Moose Stew


Making bannock is a delicious hobby. Bannock smells good, and tastes like bread, but way better. Bannock looks light brown, and it looks kind of white inside. It feels hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

Bannock can be made anytime of the year. You can make bannock indoors. We can even make bannock outdoors whenever you have a cook out. Indoors you make bannock in the oven, and outdoors you make it over fire.

There are many reasons to make bannock. Bannock is a traditional food. The elders like to make bannock and eat it with moose meat, soup, and other stuff.

Making bannock is a fun thing to do. You need to use flour, baking powder, and water. Before you put it in the pan you mix all the stuff up. Then you put oil in the pan.



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