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Summer Fishing

Fishing is a great activity. It is fun to fish and maybe snare fish because it gives us a lot to do. I enjoy going fishing with my family. My family enjoys cooking and eating hot fresh fish.

The first thing you need when you go fishing is a rod. Then you need to put a hook on your rod and put a jig. Then cast your line out. After a while you need to wait for a while. Catch a fish and reel it up when you feel tugging.

I go fishing at Fort Hope, Ontario at the big lakes. You can fish at the first month of summer or when ever you want to. Fish at deep lakes at the area of a river. You got to be careful driving near rocks. If raining be prepared to fish on the lakes.

Fish feels slimy and smells good maybe to me it does. Fish has a greenish look. Has the size of a ruler or a computer. Feels crispy, fresh, and hot and smells nasty or good to some people.


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